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Top Tips for Happy Healthy Feet from Our Resident Podiatrist

MInk - Ballsbridge - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Marathon season is in full swing, with the VHI Women's Mini Marathon taking place this Bank Holiday weekend. The annual event draws huge crowds, so we asked our resident Podiatrist Niall Donoghue for his top tips for healthy and happy feet!

  1. Neatly file toenails to avoid sharp nails cutting adjacent toes. The last thing anyone wants is a sharp toenail when running a marathon.
  2. Use "twin skin socks" or double layered socks. They absorb more sweat, and cut down on blister formation.
  3. Don't experiment with new brands of trainers approaching marathon day. Trainers should be well "broken in" by race day!
  4. Use an anti-fungal cream approaching the race as this will reduce your chances of getting athlete's foot (we recommend the award-winning Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream €24).
  5. If you pick up a foot injury always remember "R.I.C.E" - Rest your foot | Ice your foot | Compress with a pressure bandage and Elevate the foot!
We also recommend treating yourself with to a good pedicure afterwards, what better excuse! 
The very best of luck to everyone taking part this year.

Mink x 

Click here for more information on The Podiatry Clinic at Mink. 


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