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Putting CND Vinylux To The 7 Day Test

Kate Verling - Monday, February 10, 2014

The CND Creative Team in LA paid a visit to Dublin last week, and we were *very excited* to show them around Mink in Ballsbridge while we chatted about all things manis pedis.

CND was the first brand Mink took on board, and have remained loyal to them ever since. They were eager to know just why we did not carry their biggest hitter Shellac. They hoped to change my mind by trying their latest addition to the CND family- Vinylux.

Claiming to be the first 7-day wear polish that needs no curing and interestingly no basecoat. It promises to be 100% dry in 8 minutes flat. I chose ‘Black Dahlia’ as dark shades are often the more difficult to get right in terms of coverage.

My biggest doubt was staining as with no basecoat- where does the pigment go?

We applied two thin coats of colour onto bare nails, followed by their no curing topcoat. The finish was fabulously glossy and I set my timer for 8 minutes.

As the week wore on, the science behind the topcoat claims that exposure to everyday UV rays will actually strengthen the topcoat making it more durable with time! My nails stayed perfect without a chip. My only gripe was a little scuffing and wear on the gloss.

Removal day came and it simply glided off the nail like a regular polish. No acetone in sight!  This is a winner for those with weak nails that need their polish to last with zero commitment. Also perfect for winter-time pedis- no flip flops required!

Is Vinylux something you would like to see on our Treatment List in Mink? I would love to hear your feedback before we decide!

Love Mink x


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