Colour Couture Gloss by Entity

Introducing Colour Couture Gloss by Entity to Mink. 

Colour Couture Gloss combines the long-lasting, high-gloss durability of gel with the ease and versatility of polish. The latest in LED technology, this new generation product is our strongest 21-day polish yet. Nails are buffed, shaped with full attention paid to cuticles before application for maximum longevity. Ideal for hands and feet looking to stay perfect for longer.


  • Colour Couture Gloss Manicure€55

  • Application includes a mini manicure.

  • Colour Couture Gloss Pedicure€55

  • Application includes a mini pedicure.

  • Colour Couture Gloss Add-On€25

  • Why not add Colour Couture Gloss to your favourite Mink Manicure or Pedicure? The perfect way to have longer-lasting polish with any of our signature treatments. 

  • Colour Couture Gloss Removal & Re-Application (60mins)€55

  • Removal is with our compliments when booking a re-application. Mink use a high quality liquid containing just 2% acetone to safely remove your long lasting polish. The full Colour Couture experience is included along with attention paid to cuticles and shaping before application.

  • Colour Couture Gloss Removal Add-On (15mins)€10

  • Let us professionally remove your Colour Couture Polish as an add-on to any of our Mink manicures to ensure nails are left smooth and undamaged before we polish.

  • Colour Couture Gloss Removal Only (30 mins)€15

  • This will safely remove gel polish, smooth and shape the nails. A layer of strengthener is applied to protect. 

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