Foot Treatments

  • Simple Polish Change (30 mins)€25

  • A detailed shape with a perfect finish - a Mink simple polish. Ideal for a refresh in between pedicures. 

  • Mini Pedicure (45 mins)€40

  • Beginning with a warming soak, nails are perfected with detailed cuticle-work, buffing and shaping. The treatment completes with a light massage and moisturising balm applied to the heels. Toes are perfectly polished to finish. 

  • Mink Pedicure (60 mins)€55

  • Our standard pedicure for a hydrating pick me up. This certified organic treatment is perfect for restoring feet. Detailed nail work is completed, before an exfoliation with a hint of our exclusive fragrance is worked into the skin. Skin is gently buffed, before a soothing massage oil is applied to complete the experience. Feet are left feeling fresh with perfectly polished toes. 

  • Milk & Honey Pedicure (75 mins)€70

  • This rich and relaxing organic pedicure is ideal for tired legs looking to linger that little bit longer. Using a luxurious Milk & Honey pearl infused exfoliation, feet are hydrated and conditioned. We use the finest organic oil to massage the skin, leading into a blissful extended foot and leg massage. Toes are perfectly polished to finish. 

  • Mink Vitamin C Pedicure (75 mins)€75

  • This pedicure will deliver hydration while working to fade age spots, scars and other blemishes on the skin. A unique blend of ingredients deliver an instantly brighter skin tone using a warming soak, creamy Vitamin C infused exfoliant and brightening masque. Feet will look at feel more radiant once the masque is removed with warm towels. Toes are perfectly polished to finish.  

  • Rose Petal & Mint Pedicure (75 mins)€80

  • Our signature pedicure helps to invigorate dry skin. Using organic ingredients, a rich rose infused exfoliation is worked into the skin, before dry skin is buffed away. Feet are indulged in a warming paraffin wax with essential oils for an instant hydration boost. Enjoy a foot and leg massage to complete the experience. Toes are perfectly polished to finish. 

  • Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure (75 mins)€85

  • Step into a Margaret Dabbs pedicure for the ultimate transformative treatment for feet. This pedicure begins dry, delivering precise nail and cuticle work. An exfoliating mousse is applied leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Using the power of organic Emu Oil, this treatment provides anti-fungal protection, which is infused through her line. Your feet will feel fresh, detailed and radiant. Nails are shined to a healthy finish, you may not want to polish!

  • White Chocolate & Berry Pedicure (75 Mins)€90

  • Indulge yourself in white chocolate and fresh berries with this special pedicure. Drift into an exfoliation infused with rich white chocolate, vanilla and organic Argan Oil. Skin is gently buffed before a warming white chocolate paraffin wax is applied to the skin. A rich massage completes the treatment, before toes are perfectly polished to finish. Fresh chocolate-dipped strawberries are prepared for you that day, and served during your pedicure for the ultimate treat. 

  • Medi Pedi (75 Mins)€100

  • Our Medical Pedicure from Danne helps to relieve the most cracked and calloused skin, leaving feet feeling smooth and supple. This revolutionary treatment is a safe way to reduce callouses for longer, without the use of any rasps or files. The unique Alkaline solution gently, yet effectively, swells and dissolves hard skin build up. This treatment includes a Mini Pedicure, leaving nails detailed and perfectly polished. Not suitable during pregnancy. 

  • Callus Peel Add-on€35

  • Get well heeled with Mink's favourite boost for stubborn skin. Using a Glycolic acid, this effective peel removes hard skin gently, leaving skin smooth to touch. The Callus Peel may be booked as an add-on to any of our pedicures in advance of arrival. 

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