Margaret Dabbs At Mink

The ultimate authority in Hand and Foot Care, we are delighted to welcome Margaret Dabbs to Mink. Her Supreme Manicure and Pedicure offer clients outstanding results, returning nails back to their optimum condition. Our staff are trained in the Margaret Dabbs protocol, offering you the highest experience. 

Her take home range is now available in store delivering luxury and indulgence along with a true result driven protection every day.

  • Margaret Dabbs Supreme Manicure (60 mins)€65

  • This prescriptive manicure was developed with the health of the hands in mind. It will deliver lasting hydration to the skin and nails using the power of organic Emu Oil. Performed dry to begin with, for precise cuticle work, until a creamy exfoliant is applied. Enjoy the aromas of geranium and mandarin while a cooling serum sinks into the skin. A hand and arm massage completes the experience, finishing with a layer of soothing hand protection spray. Nails are left looking bright and healthy, you may not want to polish! 

  • Margaret Dabbs Supreme Pedicure (75 mins)€85

  • Step into a Margaret Dabbs pedicure for the ultimate transformative treatment for feet. This pedicure begins dry, delivering precise nail and cuticle work. An exfoliating mousse is applied leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Using the power of organic Emu Oil, this treatment provides anti-fungal protection, which is infused throughout her line. Your feet will feel fresh, detailed and radiant. Nails are shined to a healthy finish, you may not want to polish!

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