Nail Enhancements

At Mink we exclusively use Entity products and tools for all our nail enhancements. 

We offer both Gel and Acrylic systems to add an overlay or full set, depending on your desired finished look. Based on your consultation we will advise on the option to suit you and your lifestyle. For immaculate upkeep, we recommend you return to us every two to three weeks in order to achieve the maximum result.


  • Full Set (90mins)€90

  • Add length to your nails with the application of tips sculpted to suit your shape. 

  • Gel Overlays (75 Mins)€80

  • Reinforce the durability of your nails with an overlay. This treatment does not involve any tips or length. 

  • Refills (75 mins)€55

  • We recommend a refill every two to three weeks to keep them immaculate, and free from any breakages. 

  • Buff & Gloss (30 mins)€30

  • This will simply buff & gloss the nails, with a colour change if desired. 

  • Single Nail Repair (15 mins)€10

  • For any breakages before your next refill, this will repair the nail like new.

  • Full Removal with Mini Manicure (60 mins)€50

  • Enhancements are removed before cuticle-work and nails are shaped. 


  • Gel Overlays with Mini Pedicure (60 mins)€70

  • Full Removal with Mini Pedicure (60 mins)€45

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